Cob Four Reales Circa 1700-1746 Coin Pendant

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Spanish Coin of the Americas
Cob Four Reales Custom mounted into a sterling silver bezel pendant. Measures approximately 1 3/4 inch from the top of the bail to the bottom of the bezel, 1 1/2 inches across,14 Karot Yellow Gold Prongs

1715 Spanish Plate Fleet Wreck
Philip V Reign 1700-1746

Minted in Mexico City, Mexico Circa 1700-1746
Sank July 31, 1715 in a hurricane off the coast of Florida

Cob coinage, those fabled “Piece of Eight” and “Gold Doubloons” made famous by the legend of pirates and their buried treasure chest, was minted in the Spanish Colonies of the New World from approximately 1580to 1732.

The word “cod” comes from Spanish “Cobo de Barra” which translated means “end of bar.” The planchets were literally sliced off the end of the bar. Since the metal was rather hard, the diameter of the blanks would vary. Once cut, it was weighed. If overweight, an indiscriminate cut or cuts were used to trim the excess weight. As a result the of the irregular thickness and lack of tremendous pressure when striking the coin, many uncirculated cobs have only a limited amount of the design evident.

The obverse of the coin has a large cross with the lions of Leon and the Castile around it while the reverse has the coat-of-arms of the reigning monarch
Cob Four Reales Circa 1700-1746 Coin Pendant
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  • Cob Four Reales Circa 1700-1746 Coin Pendant
  • Cob Four Reales Circa 1700-1746 Coin Pendant