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James H. Cohen's father, Joseph S. Cohen began collecting coins in the early 1900’s, watching through the decades as Lincoln cents replaced the Indian heads. As his knowledge and love for coins increased, Joseph passed on his passion for numismatics to his son and grandsons.

Collecting coins and currency is first and foremost a fascination with history. It is a special thrill to hold something in your hands that is both old and rare. What makes these coins special is that virtually all were part of everyday life and were not originally made to be collectable.

There is no formula or pattern to predicting the future worth of a rare coin. Like virtually everything else, value is determined by supply and demand.

Since U. S. coin designs have changed numerous times over the years, it is essential to the serious collector to have a comprehensive knowledge of history, economics and geography. It takes a special "eye" for grading coins. When purchasing rare date coins or collectible pieces, the depth of experience inherent in a century-old business such as Cohen and Sons is essential.

Internationally recognized as one of the foremost experts in numismatics, James H. Cohen has, among his many achievements, served as a member of the 1975 Assay Commission directly appointed by President Gerald R. Ford and as Chief Assayer of the Old-Time Assay Commissioners. He was also selected to receive the highly prestigious recognition of being a contributor to the Red Book “ A Guide of United States Coins.”

As the home city of the New Orleans Mint, which started producing coins in 1838, we at Cohen and Sons have a long history as the premier trader of New Orleans Mint coins. Today, we continue to be one of the country's largest dealers in coinage featuring the distinctive "O" mint mark.

It is also important to know that this is just a very small sampling of the coins in the store. Please call for prices and grades and remember that each coin, as well as any antique in the store, is a one of a kind piece and may have been sold by the time you call.

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